Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh

Are you looking for the perfect Smart Watch to buy in Bangladesh? DTech offers lowest prices and attractive deals on the Latest Smart Watch. Get Your smart watch Online from popular brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Amazfit, Realme, Fire-boltt etc & Get delivery at your doorstep.

Colmi C81 AMOLED Screen Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳3,990.00.Current price is: ৳3,350.00.

Colmi C61 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳2,690.00.Current price is: ৳2,300.00.
COLMI P71 Calling Smartwatch Black
COLMI P71 Calling Smartwatch Blue
COLMI P71 Calling Smartwatch Gold
COLMI P71 Calling Smartwatch Purple

COLMI P71 Calling Smartwatch

Original price was: ৳2,200.00.Current price is: ৳1,699.00.
Udfine Watch Gear Smartwatch Black
Udfine Watch Gear Smartwatch Blue
Udfine Watch Gear Smartwatch Orange

Udfine Watch Gear Smartwatch

Original price was: ৳4,180.00.Current price is: ৳3,650.00.

HK8 Pro Max Ultra AMOLED display Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳3,990.00.Current price is: ৳2,890.00.

JOYROOM S-IW001 Ben Series Magnetic Charging Cable for iWatch Apple Watch Series 4/3/2/1

Original price was: ৳1,700.00.Current price is: ৳1,400.00.
Kieslect  Lora 2 Lady Gold
Kieslect  Lora 2 Lady Pink
Kieslect  Lora 2 Lady Purple

Kieslect Lora 2 Lady Calling Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳7,299.00.Current price is: ৳7,099.00.

Kieslect Ks Mini Calling Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳4,499.00.Current price is: ৳4,299.00.

Kieslect KS 2 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳9,499.00.Current price is: ৳8,000.00.

Hoco CW46 Magsafe Magnetic Apple Watch Wireless Charger

Original price was: ৳1,200.00.Current price is: ৳950.00.
Kieslect Ks Pro Calling Smart Watch Black
Kieslect Ks Pro Calling Smart Watch Silver

Kieslect Ks Pro Calling Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳7,990.00.Current price is: ৳7,490.00.

Kieslect KS Calling AMOLED Display Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳6,499.00.Current price is: ৳5,890.00.
Imilab IMIKI SF1 Smart Watch Black
Imilab IMIKI SF1 Smart Watch Gold
Imilab IMIKI SF1 Smart Watch Silver

IMILAB IMIKI SF1 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch

Original price was: ৳5,199.00.Current price is: ৳4,799.00.

Smart Watch in Bangladesh

With remarkable features and unique computing technologies, smart watches are more than just a time-teller device. From celebrities to civilians, everyone uses smart watches every day to improve their style and productivity. Users need to connect and synchronize their smart watches with smartphones. Smart watches are self-standing devices with different purposes of use as some watches collect data to track users’ health, steps, and heart rate, and monitor human gestures like shaking, jumping, or tapping. These data are mostly collected through sensors like Accelerometers and gyroscopes, SpO2 oxygen sensors, Skin Temperature Sensor, and Heart Rate Monitor. Some watches collect data for navigation and direction through technologies like GPS. Furthermore, having Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity with LED/OLED displays, users get a clear vision of the performance of smart watches. DTech offers the high-quality smart watches of leading brands at an affordable to premium price for every customer in Bangladesh. To know Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh, you can visit any branch or DTech Online shop.

Latest Smart Watch Price List with Specs 2024

Smart Watch List Price in BD
 Kieslect Ks Pro Calling Smart Watch 7,490৳
Kieslect Lora 2 Lady Calling Smart Watch 7,099৳
Kieslect Ks Mini Calling Smart Watch 4,299৳
Kieslect KS Calling AMOLED Display Smart Watch 5,890৳
IMILAB IMIKI SF1 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch 4,799৳
Colmi C61 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch 2,300৳
Colmi C81 AMOLED Screen Smart Watch 3,350৳
QCY GT Smart Watch 60HZ Retina AMOLED Display 3,090৳

Popular smart watch Brands in Bangladesh

There is a wide-range of smartwatches available at the best price in BD for customers. Apple, Amazfit, Fitbit, Xiaomi, COLMI, Microwear, Kieslect and Huawei are the most popular smart watch brands at competitive prices in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a budget-friendly smart watch for everyday use, you will find a handful of the best smart watches like the OnePlus, DT001, Microwear W97, and Colmi P28 Plus come at an affordable price under 2000 BDT with all the required features. DTech offers Xiaomi, COLMI, Havit, Xingyun, and XTRA at a lower price of under 3000 BDT. However, smart watches like Apple Watch Series 8, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Google Pixel Watch, and the Fitbit Sense 2 are one of the best high-range smart watches with unique features of fertility tracking, sleep tracking, health and fitness tracking, and ECG Monitor.

Features Of Smart Watch

Smart watch’s usability, efficiency, and working capacity are understood through its inbuilt features. Smart Watch is called ‘Smart’ for the advanced features used to capture audiences' attention that can increase their lifestyle and productivity through this wearable device. There are various smart watches available in DTech for Android users with the following features at a lower price-range in Bangladesh.


Whether it is a phone or watch, a good and flexible display is important. Smart watches come with displays like AMOLED, E-Ink, or LCD and its types. The quality of the display also depends on the price. Most smart watch brands like Amazfit, Xiaomi, Fastrack, Fire Boltt, etc use AMOLED displays for being power efficient, thin, flexible and saturated colors. However, Apple uses Flexible OLED with perfect portrait style ratio, metal bezel and size of 42mm. Recently, bezel-less displays with better touch response have become popular among customers in Bangladesh.

Quick Notifications

Checking out notifications while you are away from your phone is one of the common uses of smart watches. Whether you are in the middle of working out or traveling, you can easily check notifications.


Waterproofing is one of the most sustainable features for rainy weather. Smart watches tend to work actively while traveling, showering, or swimming because of the Waterproof feature. Brands like Xiaomi, Colmi, Havit, Mibro have various waterproof smart watches starting at low price in 2024.

Voice Assistant

Users can send a quick message, give commands to play music, or ask any random question to Google with the help of Voice Assistant through smart watches.

Applications & Operating Systems

To increase the functionality and credibility of smart watches, brands launch different applications. Applications are used to connect smart watches to your phone. The applications depend on various operating systems. Android-based smart watches have Wear OS, Apple Watches have Apple Watch OS and Xiaomi smart watches have MIUI Watch OS.

Connectivity: Wifi and Bluetooth

You can always connect your smart watch to your phone through Bluetooth or Wifi whether you are jogging, working out, walking, driving, or attending meetings matter which activity you are doing. You can use the touch interface to control your notifications and digital activities.


Through the feature Global Positioning System (GPS), you can always navigate to the place you are heading towards.

Sufficient Battery life

Most smart watches have a battery life of 12-48 hours. Although watches like the Fitbit, Garmin Fenix 7, Venu 2 Plus, or Forerunner 965 have the longest battery life from 6 to 23 days.

Calling Function

Some smart watch has Calling feature from which users can call through his/her wrist without reaching out for the phone.

Types of smart watches in Bangladesh

A diverse range of smart watches serves different customers. Sports-based smart watches such as the Apple Watch Nike Series, and Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatch are designed for athletes and sportspersons. It has specific features that track steps, and heart rates, including certain workout modes for various activities. On the contrary, simple smart watches are made for people who look for simple features with basic smart watch features. However, Classic smart watch users look for timeless aesthetics with leather bands, basic fitness, and certain advanced features including built-in sim cards which allow them to text or call.

Fitness smart watch

Fitness smart watches are designed for physical activities and health-monitoring with waterproof technologies. Fitbit, Garmin Forerunner, Amazfit, Huawei Watch Fit etc produces one of the best smart watches at an affordable price range.

Fashion and Lifestyle smart watch

Fashion and Lifestyle smart watches emphasize aesthetics and style by having all the basic smart watch features. Fossil and Micheal Kors have one of the most fashionable smart watches for celebrities, influencers and fashion-concerned citizens at the best price. Recently, Louis Vuitton started offering one of the high-end fashion smart watch.

Calling smart watch

With an inbuilt microphone and speaker, COLMI, Fire-Boltt, and Fastrack Revolt have calling smart watches at best price in Bangladesh that allows customers to talk and do half of the phone work through their wrists.

Gaming smart watch

Gaming smart watches come with high battery life, high resolution display and certain fitness features. Brands like Xiaomi, Kospet, Kieslect and Amazfit produce the best waterproof gaming smart watch in Bangladesh with bluetooth connectivity.

Kids smart watch

Parents who aren’t ready to introduce their children to technologies can go for Spacetalk Adventurer, Apple Watch SE, the Fitbit Ace 3 and Garmin at moderate price. These smart watches become popular for easy to go features, SOS calls, texting, smart alerts, tracking location and camera capability for video calls which work as a small monitoring version in the absence of kids. DTech offers Xingyun and Mibro smart watches at low price with the mentioned features in Bangladesh.

Ladies smart watch

Most smart watches are a good fit for men in terms of heavy and bulky designs. However, technologies are designed to serve customers with no gender biases but only comfort and compatibility. Lightweight with advanced tracking features and premium design, DTech has a wide-range of collections for women in Bangladesh.

Elder-Friendly smart watch

Varieties of Elder-Friendly smart watches with better battery life, health and safety features with all the basic features specially focused for them. Google Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch5, Garmin and Mobvoi TicWatch have some of the best smart watches for seniors at a lower price.

How to Choose the Best Smart Watch

As a micro version of a computer, smart watches are used for multiple activities. You should keep the following factors in mind before buying any wearable device.


Budget is a big factor if you consider purchasing any product. Thus, choose your budget before buying the product. From premium to affordable, DTech offers a maximum range of smart watches for every customer.


Check whether your smart watch is compatible with either the IOS or Android operating system. If a smart watch and phone aren't part of the same ecosystem, certain features might not work correctly.

Health and Fitness Concerns

If exercise tracking is at the top of your priority list, take into account features like heart rate monitoring, step count, sleep logging, built-in GPS and water resistance. Advanced health metrics such as ECG, SpO2 and stress monitoring are also available on some smart watches.

Water Resistant

Ensure that your smart watch is sufficiently water resistant if you plan to wear it in activities such as swimming, jogging, walking, or on rainy days.

Battery Life

Most smart watches give 12-48 hours backup power, but brands like Amazfit or Garmin can go for 15-20 days without charging. Consider smart watch on the basis of your regular usability.

Brightness and Display

Displays like OLED consume more power than AMOLED or LCD. Although, most brands that produce premium smart watches like Apple or Fitbit prefer OLED. However, AMOLED displays are becoming more popular in terms of colour, flexibility and superior image quality. That’s why check the description of smart watches and shortlist them according to your needs.

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