Mini UPS for Router Price in Bangladesh

Mini UPS Price in Bangladesh starts from BDT 2000 to BDT 4,500 depending on features and brands. Buy Mini UPS for Router from DTech Shop. Browse below to get yours now!

Buy Latest Mini UPS for Router at Best Price in BD!

Mini UPS is commonly used as a backup power source to protect devices like routers from getting damaged due to sudden power cuts or power fluctuations. In the context of Bangladesh, Mini UPS is important as power surges are common here. The stability of an Internet connection mainly depends on the Wi-Fi router which can get affected by the power fluctuations. Therefore, Mini DC UPS for routers is inevitable to have continuity of productivity. To protect people’s productivity from getting disturbed by the potential damages, DTech has brought Mini UPS of various popular brands under one roof at a budget-friendly price range in BD.

Popular Brands of Mini UPS

DTech sells some of the high-performing Mini UPS that are used for routers of brands like WGP, SKE have the highest popularity in BD among other brands for their high-performing battery capacity, long-term backup, and input-output voltage.

Why Do People Use Mini UPS for Router?

Mini UPS for routers is mainly used for continuous internet connection. Due to any natural or unavoidable cause, power surges can occur in the form of storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, or any other reason. To save the internet connection from getting affected by any issue, one can get a Mini UPS for router to maintain a clean and stable power supply. Other following factors can help you to understand the need for Mini UPS for routers.

Stable Internet Connection

Mini UPS serves power backup to the router to ensure continuous Internet connectivity while facing any power cuts. Mini UPS is mainly important for people who do remote work, attend online classes, and use the internet heavily for various purposes.


Mini UPS for routers is not only used for electrical surges but also ensures the long lifespan of Wi-Fi routers. WGP Mini UPS for routers has a 500 times/cycle lifespan that provides reliability and durability for uninterrupted power supply for 8-10 hours straight.


Having a Mini UPS at home or workplace can be a cost-efficient solution as this device comes at a budget-friendly price range. As a future investment for your router, it can save you from the expenses of getting new Wi-Fi routers.

Protection Against Power-Cuts

A Mini UPS works as an efficient device for routers to control damage caused by electrical fluctuations. Mini UPS caters us to a steady and reliable power supply during any minuscule or large-scale outage. In a country like Bangladesh, Mini UPS’s use is pre-determined and inevitable as it gives deep discharge protection to ensure efficiency during several online classes, meetings, and video calls.

Things to Keep in Mind while Purchasing a Mini UPS

Mini UPS makes a stable and uninterrupted internet connection by protecting the routers is a necessity, not a luxury regardless of staying in a village or city. Mini DC UPS is mainly used for homes and small offices to protect the routers in order to ensure a stable and continuous internet connection. Therefore, to purchase a Router UPS which is a source of seamless power backup for a router, one needs to know the following basic features of it.

Voltage and Temperature

Mini UPS can provide an uninterrupted supply of power while offering flexible input voltage of around 100-240 VAC and output voltage of 5V, 9V, 12V, and 24V for different power requirements. The voltage of Mini DC UPS for routers operates in a certain temperature range of 0°C to 70°C as it is required to operate it within this range to ensure longevity and performance.

Battery & Backup Time

The battery backup of a Mini UPS depends on which type you use and where you live. If you live in a place where power outage happens regularly then, at DTech, you will find a Mini UPS of WGP, Masriva, or, SKE at a nominal price range in BD. WGP Mini DC UPS for routers comes with a battery capacity of 8800 mAh and up to 7-15 hours of backup running time which is more than enough for a place in Bangladesh where load-shedding happens regularly. You also use the Mini UPS even if you live in a place where load-shedding happens occasionally yet you want to protect your router from sudden interruptions.


The frequency of a Mini UPS for routers is commonly directed towards the AC input that a Mini UPS is supposed to handle. Every Mini DC UPS has a wide range of frequencies of around 50 to 60 Hz of frequency. It’s important to consider the voltage and frequency of a Router UPS while buying one.

Where Can I Find the Best Suited Mini UPS?

After gaining knowledge about Mini UPS used for routers, you can come to any showroom of DTech near you to buy one at a reasonable price range in BD. DTech is the leading tech-retail company continuously serving the people of Bangladesh with tech products, devices, and gadgets since 2022. Apart from Mini UPS which is commonly used for routers, DTech sells Desktop PCs, Laptops, Smart Watches, Smartphones, Cameras, Headphones, Gaming Accessories, Home Appliances, UPS, etc. to the customers of BD. You can also order products online and get them delivered to your doorstep at any location. Stay with DTech to buy the latest and best tech products and devices.